Real Name: Pansy Parkinson
Current Age:
15 (in book 5)
Birthday: Unknown
House: Slytherin
Bloodline: Pure Blood
Parents: Unknown
Biggest Fear: Unknown
School Animal: Unknown

School Position : Slytherin Prefect
Yule Ball Date: Draco Malfoy

Wand Type: Unknown

Interest: Her interests are a mystery but a few that stand out are that she is recognized as a leader and made Prefect of Slytherin. She also loves to be in the middle of trouble, shadowing Draco where he goes.

Summary: Pansy Parkinson is a very smart and often referred to the "ring-leader" of the Slytherin girls who cause trouble. She is referred to as a "Hard-faced Slytherin girl" by Harry and having a face like a pug. She is rather attached to Draco Malfoy as she displayed deep concern for him when he was recovering from the Hippogriff attack and often found by his side. She also attended the Yule Ball with Draco wearing filly robes of pale pink. In year 5, she was made the Slythern Prefect because of her leadership qualities. The future is unknown for Pansy.

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